We've been fortunate to work with many great brands. Here is what they have to say:


Service(s) provided: Web Design, Branding Starter Package, Custom Branded Instagram Template Pack, Custom Social Media Cover Art


"I recently started my own business and needed my own website. Didn’t know where to start and how to go about finding someone. My friend recommended Samantha to me and let me just say, she is God sent! She is extremely kind, patient and so talented. She exceeded my expectations and really made my website come to life in such a short amount of time. There was no possible way I could’ve done what she did for me! Every detail, color and layout she chose was the spitting image of my logo and exactly what I wanted! Her price points, how up-to-date she kept me on things, her professionalism and her input on things to make my website even better was amazing. I HIGHLY recommend her for all your website and techy needs! She is definitely someone I will use through my website journey because let’s be honest here, I clearly had no idea what I was doing haha! If she can deal with my indecisiveness, I promise you, she can take on anyone! Thank YOU again Samantha! I am so happy I chose you to make my website vision come to life!”

Patty Arcay, CEO & Owner

PattyCakes Cupcakes & Confections

Service(s) provided: Web Design


"Samantha of Made by Shakes, LLC is the absolute BEST! She is professional, personable, efficient and extremely well versed in all that she does. I have booked with Made by Shakes on several occasions. She has created/rebranded my websites, created my business cards, new business logo, social media templates, website management, and also provided virtual assistant services. Everything Samantha touches turns to absolute gold! She is a master at ensuring that your creative vision is fulfilled.


Need rebranding? New website? Logo? VA? Seriously, look not further, and book Made by Shakes NOW!


Thank you so much Samantha!"

Alexis Jennings, CEO & Founder


Service(s) provided: Web Design, Logo Design (Branding Starter Package), & Social Media Content, 


"I am constantly in awe of Samantha's work ethic and am grateful for her help every step of the way. Prior to our collaboration, you could say we were in the stone age. We hand-logged our studio sessions and lacked a true sense of digital presence. Made by Shakes has truly brought us into the future. Our bookings are now done online, our administrative workflow is relatively automated, and we can now really focus on providing the best service for our clients."

Robert D. Anselm, CEO & Founder

EsQuire Recording Studios

Service(s) provided: Web Design, Social Media Management, Custom Backlit Sign, Video Production, Social Advertising


"When my podcast partner and I needed a logo we were told about Made by Shakes. She asked us about the podcast, what our tagline was and created the perfect image to represent our podcast. The process was easy, the work was done in the timeline she promised and everyone LOVES the logo."

Johnny Hampton & Sue O'Lear, Co-Hosts

Strongly Worded Podcast

Service(s) provided: Podcast Cover Artwork


"The main word I can use to explain my experience with Made by Shakes is AMAZING!!! She made the perfect business logo and business card for me and tailored it to my exact liking. It will be my official logo and business card for a long time to come!!"

Josh Lee Brown, CEO & Founder

Josh Lee B Photography

Service(s) provided: Logo Design & Business Card Design


"When I started my travel basketball organization I had a vision, however I wasn't really sure how to effectively communicate that vision to the masses. The best decision I made was to hire Made by Shakes to help us with branding. After a conversation in which I was asked what my organization meant to me and just what our mission and purpose was Made by Shakes provided us with branding that helped us tell everyone who we were at what we are about.  The process was easy. Her work was flawless. I would work with her in a heartbeat."

Johnny Hampton, CEO & Coach

Flagler United Youth Basketball Inc.

Service(s) provided: Custom Branding & Marketing Strategy Sheet, Mission Statement & Brand Story, Newsletter Design, Custom Social Media Content, Video Production, & Custom Flyers

EsQuire Luxury Hospitality.png

"This is the second company of mine that has worked with Made by Shakes. We just work so well together, and Samantha has a talent for knowing our goals and visions without us having to say much. Made by Shakes is constantly providing us with the tools we need to succeed."

Robert D. Anselm, CEO

EsQuire Luxury Hospitality

Service(s) provided: Web Design & Social Media Content