Starter Website Design Package & Logo Design

Starter Website Design Package & Logo Design

What's included:

Number of Pages Included: 3

  • Home Page
  • Content page of your choice
  • About Page or Contact Page


Features included:

  • Newsletter Subscription Capability
  • Social Media/External Profile Links Connected
  • Mobile Capabilty
  • SEO Setup


Optional Feature - Home Page Slideshow (Max 3 slides)

Customized banners upon request


This package does not include your hosting plan. This package is strictly for web design.


Number of complimentary revisions: 2


Optional Recommended Maintence Fee for this Plan: $25/month

​During the time of your contract signing, you have the option to hire Made by Shakes to maintain your website for the first year for a monthly fee. The monthly fee is determined by the type of website you own. If the client chooses to Opt-out of this service, Made by Shakes can provide technical support as needed for $50 per hour.

Maintenance includes: general website upkeep, tech support, and minor updates.